a crowd of folks at a previous ConCentric. The photo is blurred.


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ConCentric Games is a weekend of tabletop gaming in a social, family-friendly environment. First run in 2012, it's held once a year in Adelaide, South Australia. Boardgames, RPGs, Card games… all are welcome!

Run by gamers, for gamers – ConCentric is your local tabletop convention. Are you looking forward to catching up with our community of friends for a dedicated weekend of fun? We certainly are, and we're keen to meet all of the new folks who found the hobby since the last time.

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A blueprint of a certain eurogame-piece with the words Game Design #ConCentric2024


Game Design sessions are a mainstay at ConCentric. If you have an interest in tabletop game design, we'd love for you to join us.

This year we have special guest Martin Wallace joining us with pre-release games and latest designs, as well as new Australian publisher Delta Phase Games. Apply now to join the session and/or showcase your latest design!

a d20 and mechanical pencil rest on character sheets


GM Signups are Live

About a decade ago we gelatinous-cubed Conformat, and gained a fantasic group of roleplaying folks with a great range of games and systems. We know many of you have been waiting for this: The GM signup form is now live. Let us know what dice you'll be rolling.

rendering of a purple aluminum d20 on a map


Limited Edition D20

Speaking of dice, we have a special treat for you this year. We've teamed up with purveyors of luxury dice Level Up Dice to bring you a limited edition purple anodized ConCentric d20. These will only be on sale for the next few weeks, and will be collect only at the convention in September.

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