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ConCentric Games is a weekend of tabletop gaming in a social, family-friendly environment. First run in 2012, it's held once a year in Adelaide, South Australia. Boardgames, RPGs, Card games… all are welcome!

Run by gamers, for gamers – ConCentric is your local tabletop convention. Are you looking forward to catching up with our community of friends for a dedicated weekend of fun? We certainly are, and we're keen to meet all of the new folks who found the hobby since the last time.

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Market Day

To celebrate the return of the ConCentric Games convention later this year, we are holding a Market Day! Thebarton Community Centre on 17 March. Tabletop related businesses are encouraged to register by filling in this form. General Stallholders will have an opportunity to register early next week. Add the date in your calendar, and start sorting through those games!

Details go to the mailing list first, so make sure you join!


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ConCentric is your local tabletop convention, and we'd love to know what you want to see most. Fill in our survey to win one of 2 weekend passes. More importantly, you get to vote on the dice colour.

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