• A weekend of tabletop gaming
  • Gamers from right across Australia
  • Now incorporating Conformat RPG Convention!
Please note that these are the details of the 2014 convention. Stay tuned to the social media channels and sign up for the (very minimal) mailing list to keep up to date: http://eepurl.com/kYEAL

Join Us at ConCentric Games

Brand South AustraliaConCentric Games is a weekend of tabletop gaming in a social, family-friendly environment. It's held once a year in Adelaide, South Australia. Close to the beautiful Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale wine regions – even if you're not there to play, there are ample opportunities to taste the local produce and to enjoy the sights and sounds. Come and join us for a game!

ConCentric 2014 will be held on 27-28 September. If you're really keen, block in a couple of days either side as well (there are bound to be some local gamers available). This year we're at the Burnside Community Centre in Tusmore, just 10 minutes from the CBD. Keep in touch via the social media and newsletter links in the footer to get the latest news.

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Modern Games

Settlers of Catan - photo by Ben Nelson

If your only experience with boardgames is when you played Scrabble, Risk or Monopoly when you were young, then you're in for a pleasant surprise.

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What to Expect

Some of the gamers at ConCentric 2012

You’ve never been to a convention before. Nervous? You shouldn’t be! Tabletop gamers are a friendly lot. Here’s what you should expect.

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