ConCentric 2018 will have a bring-and-buy stand. Have you got some games that just didn't click with your group? Need to clear some space for new games? Want to fill that space with some bargains?

How will it work?

First you register as a seller. You can do this online or on the day. It will save a lot of time if you can do it using the Bring & Buy Seller Registration form ahead of the weekend. The full Terms and Conditions are on that form, so even if you're not planning on filling it in ahead of time, it's worth reading.

Once you've signed up as a seller, you can head over to the Bring & Buy Item Registration form to put in all of the tabletop-game-related goods that you want to sell at the stand. You set your sell price. If the item sells, ConCentric retains a 10% commission, then you collect the rest… Probably to buy more stuff at the stand.

On the day, you can bring your games around to the stall and check them in with the staff. They will safely attach the details to the item, and record it in the ledger. When your item is purchased, the information slip will be set aside along with your payment which you can come by and collect. Read the full terms and conditions on the Seller Registration form linked above.


Bring & Buy Stand Times for Saturday and Sunday
Seller and Item Registration open from 10am
Stand open for sales from 11am
Stand closed for sales from 4pm
Final collection of payments/games for the day between 4pm and 5pm

Registered Items so far…

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