Everybody loves a convention shirt, right? The 2012 batch of T-Shirts, Long Sleeve Tees and Hoodies were pretty popular, so it's past time to scoot into action and get some online for ConCentric 2013. Here's a chance for you to get involved.



Take a look at these two entries and let us know which you want to be the #bencon shirt for 2013! Note that there may be some minor modifications to the layouts for the final design.



If you have an idea for a design, send it in to us. If we use your submission, you'll get a free T-Shirt. Time is short, though! The Closing Date for submissions is 23:59 Australian Central Standard Time, 14 August 2013 (That's just before midnight Adelaide time).

Did You Miss Out in 2012?

If you attended ConCentric 2012, and you missed out on getting a shirt, then zap us a message (social media and contact links in the footer). We'll make sure that last year's shirts are switched on to give you one more chance.

Design Tips

  • Your PNG file will be RGB; work in that mode from the start. Choose sRGB if you're into getting colour profiles right.
  • Watch out for what Photoshop calls "Black" as it's usually rich with other colours. This is most apparent in a gradient where the grays will print with a warm tint.
  • The ConCentric blue is R:33 G:68 B:134 and the orange is R:229 G:91 B:46
  • To ensure that your design works on a variety of coloured shirts, add a white outline. Select all elements of your design, expand the selection by around 12 pixels and fill this with white in a layer below your other artwork.
  • Fonts are available from Google. We use Poiret One by Denis Masharov and Luckiest Guy by Astigmatic for the more informal #bencon (links: g|f|t) shirts.
  • The ConCentric proper shirt should be a subtle design, while the unofficial #bencon shirt should be a bit more crazy fun.

Images for Your Use

Right-click-and-save-as these images for use in your designs (the blank one is a template for your designs).

t-shirt-template  concentric-shirt-logo  concentric-shirt-logo-small  bencon-mo 


The inevitable fine print…

Terms & Conditions


T-Shirt designs must be supplied as a transparency enabled PNG format image file, 2400px wide x 3200px tall. Email your submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the Closing Date.

Your design must be suitable for printing on light or dark shirts. The winning design will be available for purchase on a variety of shirt colours to be determined.

The ConCentric Games logo and the year 2013 should be used in all submissions. You may not alter the colours or proportions of the logo in your designs. The logo may be resized, but may not be smaller than 200px wide, preferably no smaller than 600px wide. The entire logo must be visible and unobscured. If you are submitting a design for the unofficial #bencon T-Shirt, then it should also include the moustache motif and hashtag.

If you feel that you have a good idea, but lack the skills to produce a printable design, grab a biro/crayon/texta and scribble something anyway. You can take a photo with your smart phone and email that through. If it's a brilliant concept, we can certainly work something out!


By submitting a design for the competition, you are agreeing that your submission:

  • is your original artwork
  • has not already been published anywhere else, including online
  • does not contain anybody else's Intellectual Property (trademarks, copyright terms etc)

In the event that you discover that your submission contains any actual or potential infringements, you must notify ConCentric Games Pty Ltd immediately.

Play nicely – nothing obscene, defamatory, libelous or slanderous will be accepted.


You agree to hold harmless and shall indemnify ConCentric Games Pty Ltd, and each of its directors, agents and contractors for any liability, costs, expenses, loss and or damage suffered by them as a result of or in connection with any breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Assignment of Rights

If you submit a design for the competition, you can't use the design yourself before September 20 2013 (the date of the convention). If your design is selected, you must assign all rights and interest in your submission to ConCentric Games Pty Ltd including any Intellectual Property that forms part of the artwork. You may not submit the artwork for production by any other third party.

Credit for your design will be given on the ConCentric Games Pty Ltd website.

Use of Your Submission

If your design is selected, ConCentric Games Pty Ltd may reproduce it on clothes and other promotional items. ConCentric Games Pty Ltd may alter the appearance of the artwork by adjusting colours and size to make it suitable for reproduction in other media and by other reproduction processes.


This is a contest of skill. If there are a large number of entries, ConCentric Games will select a shortlist for public voting on the ConCentric Games Pty Ltd website (con-centric.com.au). The judges will decide on a final design at close of business, Friday 16 August.

There will be two winning designs chosen: one for the convention proper, and one for the unofficial, extended #bencon.

The winner will receive a T-Shirt with their design in their size on their choice of the available colours. A voucher code will be supplied to purchase the shirt from the online store. The shirt must be collected at ConCentric Games Pty Ltd 2013.