Card games have been around for over seven hundred years. However, if you asked a gamer from the last twenty of those, there's a good chance they thought of Magic: The Gathering.

Vitruvian Meeple

At ConCentric 2015 we ran our first Game Design session. This was a great opportunity for local game designers  to bring their prototype games to playtest with other like-minded gamers, and to get useful feedback for future iterations. Now it's a regular feature.

RPG Character sheets

Tabletop Role Playing Games – RPGs for short – are seeing a huge resurgence in popularity at the moment. If you haven't played one before (or for a long time), then here's why you should take another look.

Dragonlance Saga for 5e

The next big campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition has been announced, and it's a big one. Wizards are bringing the Dragonlance Saga back to the stage! This was hinted at last year in an interview with World-builder Chris Perkins on Den of Geek when he said "We’ll visit Krynn again when the stars align and we have the perfect Dragonlance story to tell."[1]